Friday, October 4, 2019

Lights, Camera, IllumiNITEd!

An IllumiNITEd date, captured by photographer Matt Francis 

Fabric Lots in the Dark
Yesterday was so much fun! Mike and I drove to Fall River for our official photoshoot with IllumiNITE! We got to meet with the IllumiNITE team, tour the factory, and check out the newest
Fabric Lots IllumiNITED
IllumiNITE styles—some of which aren't even out yet! I just wanted to twirl around in the lots of fabric, but I restrained myself; I am a professional after all (hee hee). I did take flash pictures to see what patterns lit up, and that was a fun surprise. It was so cool to see where the magic happens. And it was very clear how proud everyone was of the work they did, and they should be! The designs, the fit, the comfort—I could live in IllumiNITE clothing forever!

IllumiNITE Pop-Up Store for Race Expos!

A runner's dream!
When we walked into the area where the pop up store lives, I felt like Charlie in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I wanted to run up and down the aisles, grabbing this shirt and that jacket, and ooh! These gloves are so cool! I want them all and I want them now! Okay, maybe I felt more like Varuca Salt. But you get the gist. Before I could begin my impromptu shopping spree, the IllumiNITE team announced it was time to go to the photoshoot location!

Right, I was here to work!

Matt Francis and IllumiNITE team
planning a shot
We walked around downtown Fall River, seeking various shots for the different outfits. Good thing running has helped me get over my shyness because wardrobe changes happened in the van-turned-dressing-room. It mostly concealed us, but if you ever see semi-naked photos of me on the Internet....well, you'll know why. haha

Then we were on camera! We walked, we posed, we ran, we had silly conversations, and I even got to jump around and do all the silly poses I love doing at races. For once, "act natural" didn't get me into trouble! What I appreciated most was that the IllumiNITE team asked that I didn't wear makeup. It's refreshing to work for a company that appreciates women's natural faces.

The funniest part of the shoot was when the photographer exclaimed: "What's going on here?"

You see, Mike kept flirting with me to make me laugh while I was doing my solo shots. He made comments like: "Just stare into my eyes" and "Why don't you pretend you're texting me" and other silly comments to help me look more natural on camera.

It's always an adventure with us!
Matt had no idea we were a couple, a "power model couple" as my friend Heather jokingly calls us. I couldn't stop laughing hysterically for a long while. I could only imagine what a creep Mike must have seemed to the photographer who thought we'd just met on location. I truly appreciate Matt speaking up, though, because if we weren't a couple, Mike's comments would have been inappropriate. Thanks for looking out, Matt!

But the biggest surprise of the day? The IllumiNITE team gave me the team shirts they designed for us for the Athens Authentic Marathon! I'm getting so excited! I cannot believe I'll be running the original marathon route in just 36 days! It's a marathoner's dream!

In the Dark
(L to R): Brynne Sawyer,
Sera Rivers, Meg Decubellis
I want to give a big shoutout to the IllumiNITE design team, Meg and Brynne, and photographer Matt Francis for making us feel like stars! It was such a great experience!

Lights! Camera! IllumiNITEd! ... And that's a wrap!

October is such a busy month as I'm gearing up for not one, but two marathons! So be sure to follow my blog for updates!

Stay tuned for:

  • Official IllumiNITE photoshoot photos
  • Marathon Training Updates
  • IllumiNITE Team shirt design reveal for Athens Authentic Marathon

In the meantime, check out:

  • IllumiNITE website and use discount code Sera15 for 15%off your entire order
  • My Events page to see where I'll be running in the next few months! 

Where are you running next? Will I see you at one of my races? Comment below!

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