Friday, September 27, 2019

Best Running Clothes For Finicky Fall Weather

I've never lived outside of New England; yet every year, I'm shocked when the temperature drops from the eighties to sixties, then soars up to the nineties over the course of a week—sometimes even over the course of ONE DAY! New England is definitely known for it's finicky fall weather, which makes it quite difficult to dress properly for a run.

IllumiNITE Featherlite Jacket
I really don't like being too hot, but I absolutely detest being even the slightest bit cold, especially when running. My muscles get all stiff, my hands go numb, and my nose drips wet. Fortunately, IlumiNITE offers lightweight clothing that I can layer to keep me warm in brisk temperatures and easily remove when I get too hot.
IllumiNITE Women's Reflective Featherlite Packable Nylon Hooded Jacket
My favorite item, hands down, is IllumiNITE's Women's Featherlite Reflective Hooded Nylon Packable Jacket in Graphite. I know I rave about this jacket all the time, but seriously, it's the lightest material ever. You barely notice you're wearing it. It has two zip pockets on the outside to protect valuable items such as my license and car key, and larger internal pockets to store running snacks and my phone. And it has a hood to lock out cold air in windy conditions and keep my head dry in the rain. Its most prominent feature is its reflective powers. The whole jackets illuminates in the dark when hit by headlights, flashlights, and streetlamps. But my most favorite thing about this jacket? I can easily ball it up and store it in my running vest on longer runs if I get too hot. I can also tie it around my waist without irritation when I'm not wearing my vest.
IllumiNITE women's reflective bling vigor singlet in charcoal
Bling Vigor reflective design

IllumiNITE women's reflective bling vigor singlet in charcoal
Bling Vigor Singlet
Don't let the lightweight material fool you. This Featherlite Jacket traps body heat like crazy! So I like to pair it with lightweight tops, such as IllumiNITE's Women's Reflective Bling Vigor Singlet in Charcoal, which is actually on sale right now!

And to tie everything together, I wear IllumiNITE's Women's Reflective Power Stretch Capri in Black. This capri is so versatile, it looks great with whatever styles and colors I'm wearing on top. Plus, it makes me look quite shapely while keeping me warm and dry. I also love the deep pockets on both sides that grip my phone and keep my snacks in place once my Featherlite Jacket comes off.

runner, mountain, hike, running gear, IllumiNITE
Power Stretch Capris,
Dovetail TeeFeatherlite Jacket
I don't know about you, but once I'm done with a run, I totally need to slip into cozy clothes. IlumiNITE's Reflective String Bag is big enough to carry a change of clothing and one pair of shoes, and it's even managed to double as a comfortable running tote when I forget my vest for a planned long run (by wrapping the strings around my waist and securing them in a knot tied tightly across my chest).  I'm usually headed off to my next adventure, whether it's visiting with friends, running errands, or continuing my day outside in nature. And that's where IllumiNITE's Bristol Reflective Jacket in Red Aztec comes in. It feels so soft against my skin, and has enough pockets to carry my essentials.
IllumiNITE Bristol reflective jacket in aztec red
Bristol Reflective Jacket
 and Drawstring Bag

The leaves are already starting to turn, and soon this finicky weather is going to grow into a full-blown winter tantrum. So next week, I'll be visiting IllumiNITE headquarters in Fall River to meet with the team, tour the place, and to try out their newest styles so I can stay warm—and safe—as the days grow colder and shorter.

Stay tuned to hear about my Fall River adventures. You just might catch me in an IllumiNITE photoshoot.

In the meantime, use 15% off discount code Sera15  to stock up on some of your IllumiNITE faves.

How do you stay warm, yet cool and dry, in this finicky fall weather? 

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