Thursday, July 16, 2020

Covid-19 Quarantine Day 125: Where Has All the Accountability Gone?

I'm wearing IllumiNITE
Synergy Reflective Headband in black; and
 Women's Reflective Bling Singlet
Don't worry! We are running! Since my last blog post, Mike and I have put together a new running, hiking, and walking routine for every day of the week. AND...I'm proud to say that we've stuck with it these last 19 days! But, I'm still struggling with my daily posting on social media. What is it about this time of social isolation that I feel less inclined to be online? I truly think I'm mentally burned out.

I started a new job in January and was only six weeks into learning my role when we were all sent home to work remotely. What a huge adjustment! I'm used to working remotely, as I have for many jobs in the past, but not when I'm learning a new career. In addition, I had been going, going, going nonstop for quite a few years until I lost my previous job last August. I think I am still recovering from such a chaotic lifestyle. This year is all about finding balance, and the key word here is "finding."

I think it's time that we all give ourselves a little slack for not having it all together. We are living in uncertain times, and we forget that uncertainty takes a greater toll on our mental capacity than we realize.

Sleepyheads ready to run brightly early morn!
Mike: IllumiNITE Endeavor Tank in Graphite
Sera: IllumiNITE Featherlite Packable Jacket
The good news is, I am getting outside and exercising every day! Mike is a great accountability partner! And he's such a good sport for waking up at five every morning to run with me before work—especially because I am not my sparkly, talkative, funny self before my coffee. haha 

So, what are we doing every day to get back to healthy living? Here's our schedule:

Mondays: 2–3 mile walk
Tuesdays: 5k run
Wednesdays: 1–2 mile walk (rest day)
Thursdays: 5k run
Fridays: Long run (marathon training) or 5k
Saturdays: Hike/swim/walk (or long run if not done on Friday)
Sundays: hike/swim/walk

We're getting our exercise in early for two reasons: It's less humid in the early morning and it jumpstarts the rest of our day. Running this early also gives me a bit of time to write afterward before my work day, so I feel doubly accomplished.

Caves at Mt. Toby Wearing IllumiNITE
Singlet and Jammer Mid-length short
I've noticed that for my shorter walks and runs, I prefer my IllumiNITE shorties; whereas, I prefer my IllumiNITE mid-length shorts for longer runs and hikes! When the weather is super humid, I'll grab one of my IllumiNITE headbands to run (it also secures my AirPods in place), but I prefer my IllumiNITE Multiwrap when hiking or walking because it keeps the sweat off my face while also doubling as a face mask if we happen upon other hikers. Mike is enjoying his new IllumiNITE Long Running Shorts for all our running excursions. He pairs them with his IllumiNITE Sentinel Short Sleeve Shirt for most runs, or his IllumiNITE Endeavor Tank when it's super humid. I'm seriously loving how Mike looks in his new tank, but I digress (the things that keep me motivated haha) We still debate whether he needs water on our shorter runs/hikes, but fortunately, I always win this argument. A small 12 oz bottle fits nicely in his IllumiNITE Shorts' pocket.

But, my question is this: If I'm not posting our activities on social media every day, does it really count towards my accountability? What I'm really asking is:

What is the definition of accountable?

New clothes motivate us!
Sera: IllumiNITE Synergy Reflective Headband in black;
Short Sleeve Savannah Shirt in Red; and Shortie in Black;
Mike: IllumiNITE  Sentinel Short Sleeve in Black;
Multiwrap; and Endeavor Long Running Short
Like I said, in this uncertain time, it's been difficult to "do it all!" And I've discovered that maybe trying to "do it all" is what's killing my motivation. Mike is a lists guy, and I truly appreciate that. I've found that writing down a DOABLE schedule, having an accountability partner, and actually sticking to our written schedule by getting outside and "just doing it no matter what" is what's most important.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the matter. How can I  help you stay motivated? And please, share your tips and tricks that help keep you accountable and on track to a healthier you!

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